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SUMACO has been Importing and Exporting for over 70 years.  Our Founder John Fernandez Started in the shipping industry just after 1946.  Soon after John used that knowledge to help start the bases for SUMACO by have the best rates for shipping by sea or air.  John started to import products from Europe he felt would be of value in the United States from contacts he made from our shipping division. This eventually lead to Products also being sent to Europe and eventually around the world.  John was never happy with good enough so set the standards that made sure SUMACO always supplied the Best Product and the Best price landed and delivered. This is and will always be the driving force of SUMACO.  Over the years SUMACO became known for having the ability to find products no one else can especially at the quality and price delivered.  We look forward to Helping you with Your companies needs please go to our contact page for inquiries.